10 Instagram & Facebook Story Ideas

In order for your business be known and stay relevant on social media, you know you need to show up regularly. Instagram and Facebook stories are a great way to do that! Instagram Business reports that 58% of users say they’re more interested in a brand after seeing it in a Story and 50% say they have visited a website to buy a product/service as a result of seeing it in Stories. That said, sometimes it’s hard for us business owners to find something new and exciting to post every day. That’s why we’ve organized 10 ideas you can post on your stories any day to boost your brand and make your business more relatable. With stories, you can continue to show your customers the value your product or service provides while also showing a bit more about you and the inspiration behind why you do what you do.

1.  Share Your Day-to-Day.

Give a behind-the-scenes look of your work flow  and how it helps your business or the customer experience. Are you designing next season’s product launch, shooting promo photos, or packing orders? Share snapshots to make your business feel real to customers and included in your mission. Grabbing a coffee order on the way to work? Share that too! The more connected a customer feels to the people behind the product, the more likely they will become repeat customers and recommend your products to friends and family.

2. DIY Project or Tutorial.

You know your product best, so don't miss out on sharing valuable tips and tricks with your customers! Tutorials demystify your product and practically illustrate its uses. Similarly, a DIY project shows the versatility of a product. Tutorials and DIY projects allow potential customers to visualize how your product will fit into their lives and solve problems.

3.  This or That Poll Stickers.

A fun series of 3-7 stories featuring these stickers is great to boost your account's engagement and can even help you get to know your customers better. Ask your customers  to vote on what product features and potential new color options they would like to see next. If you do pop-up events, have your customers vote on where! Giving customers choices and listening to their feedback  helps them feel included in your business. You may be surprised to learn which of your products or services are preferred and what features customers want to see next season. It doesn't have to be strictly business, though. Lighthearted seasonal poll stories asking about coffee vs. tea or Halloweentown vs. Friday the 13th can be just as entertaining and relatable while developing a customer's trust.

4. Q&A Sessions.

A confused mind always says no, so open up your business to take questions and clear up any confusion about your product or service! Q&As are an easy way to answer questions potential customers might not even know they have and for current customers to learn more. Opening yourself up to questions also gives your business a sense of transparency and approachability that many customers value.

5. Office, Studio, or Headquarters Tour.  

Don't be like the Great and Powerful Oz and hide behind Canva templates and product photos. Customers love to see where the magic happens! Make your business relatable and real by showing customers that there's a lounge with a fully-stocked snack bar and a ping pong table. Work from home? Show off your desk that gets used for Zoom meetings, and then the kitchen bar stool where most of your work actually gets done.  Lifting the curtain just a little to show a glimpse of your reality will help customers feel like they know you and will deepen their trust in you, your brand, and your product.

6. Reignite Interest in a Recent Post.

We spend a lot of time on posts, and sometimes they don't get all the likes and shares we know they deserve. Instead of moving on to the next big idea, spend some time in your stories talking about a previous post. Explain your thought process on why you felt it was important to share and discuss how it adds value to your customers. Whether it's a live video that was really informative or a reel that customers should save because it's an easy tutorial, don't be afraid to remind or re-share it to your story so more people have a chance to benefit.

7. Host a Story Takeover Collab.

Switch up your stories by handing the reins to someone with a completely different perspective. Let someone else - a loyal customer, an employee, or a business partner - show how they benefit from the product or service and how it fits into their lives. A new perspective adds credibility and insight for potential customers to see how they would benefit from your product. Collaborating with influencers can even help you reach an entirely new audience who could benefit from your product.  

8. Highlight Current Stock or Services.

We know you have a lot to offer but sometimes zeroing in on one or two items is the most effective strategy. Get people excited about which products are low in stock, still in stock, or just restocked. Do a try-on haul of your favorite pieces and why you love them. Dive deep into all the benefits of one of your services or talk about your experience with one of your clients and their results. Show up with good energy and let your audience know what you've got to offer!

9. Answer FAQs.

Yes, we know they're easy to access on your website, but frequently asked questions are FAQs for a reason. Inform your potential customers without making them look for the answer and you've already added value to your product or service! This information also reminds current customers of facts about your company and your product that they either never knew or forgot. It never hurts to remind people what makes your product or service unique and what problems it solves.

10. Share Your Favorite Products From Other Businesses.

Got a product from a local or small business that you love? Show them a little support by resharing one of their posts or taking a picture of yourself with their product and tagging their pages. This shows your customers that you support other creators, connects them to complementary products, and can even gain you new followers if the business you tag reshares your story. This is also a great way to form new relationships with other business owners.

Instagram and Facebook stories offer us a unique opportunity to insert our humanity into our business's social media, allowing potential customers to relate and connect with more than just our product or service. Happy Sharing!

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