3 Things That Set NWA Brand Apart


As the world continues to move online, a digital marketing strategy is now a must for every business. It’s no surprise, then, that as the digital world grows, so does the number of digital marketing agencies. At NWA Brand, we know we’re not the only agency that provides marketing services. There are a number of Arkansas-based marketing agencies alone, each with their own differentiators. However, what sets NWA Brand apart is our boutique agency approach to serving clients with their website, social media, Google Ads, and branding needs. And here’s what we mean by that:

1. Our social media clients receive industry exclusivity. Many agencies will specialize in specific industries, like construction marketing or college/school district communication, offering their services only to clients that fall within those industries. The disadvantage to that is that oftentimes these agencies have the same team that serves multiple competing companies. Can we just say awkward…?

At NWA Brand, we serve only one company at any given time in a specific industry. This ensures that your strategy and creative content is effective, unique, and unlike your competitors! It also allows us to take valuable learnings from other industries and apply them to new, out of the box marketing techniques that other industry specific agencies may not have insight into.

2. Our boutique style allows for customization & flexibility. Package deals are great in many situations. Like all-in-one inclusive resort packages! But sometimes package deals can be a real pain in the butt, especially when it comes to working with a marketing company. A lot of marketing agencies will offer packages that come with a LOT of services. And don’t get us wrong: this can be great for the larger companies that want to hand off all of their client facing items over to someone else, freeing them up to focus on other areas of the business. In fact, we ourselves have a number of clients that we do this for!

However, we also recognize that sometimes you don’t need someone to do it all for you. Sometimes you’ve got social media handled, and you only need help with the website. Or maybe you love managing your social media presence, but you just need help with your website and Google Ads. That’s where we stand out! You don’t have to have the full package of services, because we create customized strategies for each of our clients that takes into account their specific industry and client needs. Plus, because it’s not part of a package deal, if we decide that changing up the strategy might be a better option for your business (like adding social media management or print marketing items), we can make that switch almost immediately!

3. Our values encompass transparency. NWA Brand clients never receive surprise invoices. We seek approval on projects prior to proceeding with implementation. Similarly, our advanced performance reporting allows for complete transparency in the amount of social media ad spend, so you always know where every dollar is being spent. Transparency is critical to our relationships with our clients, because, as we mentioned before, it’s important for us to provide customized services that are flexible to your company’s specific needs!

Thinking a more boutique approach to your digital marketing strategy may be the way to go? Explore our website to learn more about the services we offer, or contact us today to schedule a chat!

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