3 Ways to Make Your Social Media Posts Stand Out

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It might feel like you’re posting and posting, but you're just shouting out into the void. Today we wanted to share a quick, simple blog post with easy to implement tips to improve how noticeable your posts are in the feed. So without taking any more of your time, here are three quick tips you can start doing today to help make your posts more noticeable:

  1. Accent Text - How do people make those fun fonts and bolded words in their posts? There are several platforms that can help with this but our go to right now is YayText. It has a number of options, is super easy to use and has yet to be glitchy. No explanations needed on how to use it! 
  2. Don’t be afraid of longer copy - short and sweet is the answer? Maybe not so much. With story telling being a foundational piece to brand loyalty and people spending more time on social media, longer copy is completely acceptable. The catch is to go back to the hook and make sure that you start off in a way that will grab the reader and pull them into the story. This might come from a compelling visual, a heartfelt opening or some other creative approach. 
  3. Emojis - long gone are the days of everything being over-the-top professional. Consumers want to be able to relate. IF it’s on brand for the personality of a company, emojis can help add emotion and dynamics to a post. By using them to create easily-readable lists, or consistently using one that acts as a recognizable signature - these can play a role in brand recognition as well. Parameters should be set as not to get carried away, but it is okay to test and see what feels right and what your consumers respond best to. 

There are endless ways to help users feel like they can relate and thus increase engagement on your posts but ultimately improve the relationship. These are just three easy ways to add a bit of dynamic to the captions of your posts!

Have you found something that has helped your posts gain more traction? Share them in the comments below!

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