30 Days of Post Ideas

Social Media

Coming up with social media content ideas can be challenging!

Are you having a hard time coming up with ideas of what to post on your business page? In August of 2018, we hosted a 30-day social media challenge on our Facebook page. In this challenge, we gave members a daily “challenge” to commit 20 minutes per day to focusing on their social media! This post includes a summary of the 30 different posts to consider doing on your social media page.

Post 1: Create a poll

  • Engaging your audience is a great way to make sure your fans feel heard. People love to know their opinion matters. You could ask for feedback on content your audience wants to see or ask them what their favorite ice cream is - the possibilities are endless! You may find that Facebook restricts a page to only 2 options on an official poll but you can always spell out the question then type out each option.
  • For Example: What is most challenging about a business social media? A. Content B. Strategy C. Best Practices D. Finding the Time

Post 2: Put the social back in social media

  • It can be easy to fall into a mindset of “sell, sell, sell,” but your audience wants to know why you’re doing what you’re doing! Introduce them to a member of your team or jump on to do a live video. Let them know there’s a human touch behind your brand.

Post 3: “How to” that will bring value to your clients

  • Building a relationship with your clients can start several different ways - being a fountain of knowledge is one of those ways. Take a task or small project from your industry and show your audience an effective, easy way to accomplish it.

Post 4: Something philanthropic you’re involved in

  • A great way to connect with your audience is to show them an organization or cause you personally connect with. If you have monthly volunteer days or attend a gala, post a photo and share a little bit about why you support that cause. Read here about a few things to consider before partnering with a non-profit.

Post 5: Story behind your business

  • Your audience wants to share in your success - especially if they’ve been with you from the beginning! Your story should always include WHY you decided to dive into the role or industry you are in.

Post 6: Event

  • This can be an event another business is hosting, your sponsoring or simply attending
  • Share in the community you already have! Don’t be afraid to support someone else’s event - sharing the successes and goings on of others in your network is a great opportunity to grow your network and possibly lead to referrals.

Post 7:  Ask a question

  • Comments are Facebook’s number one “signal” for post performance. What a better way to get people commenting than to ask a question.
  • Asking your audience is a great way to drive engagement and give them a stake in your business.

Post 8: Share a misconception about your industry

  • As an expert in your field, you’re able to shed a light on issues that may be keeping consumers in the dark! Take advantage of that on your social media profiles.

Post 9: Throwback Thursday

  • The fun #TBT  doesn’t have to just be for your personal profile. Share an old photo about a pivotal point in your business.
  • From your clients who have been with you from the beginning to those who are just joining you for the first time - shining light on where you’re going and where you’ve been is a great way to encourage transparency and share in your successes with your clients!
  • On the same note, connecting with people through an already widely used hashtag is a great way to resonate with your followers.

Post 10: Behind the scenes photo

  • Not all brands are easily understood. Showing “where the magic happens” is a great way to pull back the curtain and show the team behind a product or brand.

Post 11: FAQ

  • Chances are, there are some questions that you get asked often. Instead of answering them multiple times, try creating a section on your website of Frequently Asked Questions and following up with some FAQ posts.

Post 12: Goals!

  • Sharing your business goals is a great way to resonate with your audience and let them see that there is more to your business than only profits.

Post 13: Blog Post

  • Share your most recent blog post or a blog relevant to your industry. Blogs have countless SEO benefits on your website and can provide followers with useful information.

Post 14: Something inspirational

  • Share a quote or an inspirational story! With so much negativity in the world, your followers won’t be disappointed by something uplifted.

Post 15:Create an Event

  • Events typically gain great traction on Facebook! Maybe you don't have an event coming up but you could plan out an epic live video! Creating an event for a live video or something similar is not off the table! That's called preparing and using your resources!

Half Way!

Post 16: Live Video

  • Live videos can be intimidating, but they allow authenticity and genuineness to be evident to your customers. Here are a few tips on how to make the most of your live video!

Post 17: Fill in the blank

  • Like we said earlier, comments are the number one signal for a great performing post. Fill in the blank scenarios are one great way to encourage comments and engagements! An example of this might be “My idea of happiness is ________.” Paired with a complimentary video this can go a long way

Post 18:  Team/ Personal Photo

  • Have a team lunch or doing something fun for a meeting? Snap a pic or a Boomerang and post to your social channels.

Post 19: Brag a bit... on someone else!

  • Did a client achieve something great? Or maybe your child took their first steps? Share it with the world!

Post 20: Recorded video

  • Not all video has to be recorded live. Take a few tries to get it right, then post the finished product! Be sure to keep it relatively short (less than 2 minutes) and discuss a topic that your ideal customer wants to hear about.

Post 21: Share a post that went over really well

  • The saying “you don’t have to reinvent the wheel” also applies to social media. If you have something that had a high reach and engagement, don’t be afraid to capitalize on it again! Great content will not get noticed only once. Whether you share that post or create a similar one - it’s important to recognize what your audience responds well to.

Post 22:National Day

  • From “National day of _____” to celebrate the city you live in, there’s always something worth celebrating! You can find a full list of National Days here: https://nationaltoday.com/national-day-calendar/

Post 23:Share a review or recommendation

  • Your happy clients are some of your best leverage. Share a review or a recommendation. This is an appropriate way to say “look at the cool stuff we do” without being conceded.

Post 24:Quick Tip

  • Hint:  Don’t call it a tip of the week unless you’ll actually be posting weekly!
  • When people read the Sunday newspaper, they expect the comics to be in there. When the Sunday comics aren’t a part of a long-standing, Sunday distribution ritual, you can imagine why some people would be upset - Sunday's are when the comics get printed! The same applies with promised content - if you’re going to commit to posting live videos every Thursday, your audience is going to expect you to have a live video every Thursday. If you make the promise and don’t deliver, what else will you not deliver on? We encourage you to prioritize time to plan your posts and make sure you have the time and resources to commit to promised content. If you don’t have time to do a ‘weekly tip’ - this post is about just posting a quick tip or hack that is relevant to your industry.

Post 25:Reason Number...

  • Reason #245 we love living in Northwest Arkansas is the bike trails!
  • This is a fun way to emphasize a topic!

Post 26:GIF comment

  • Comments are a great way to drive engagement. But that doesn’t mean you have to use words! Have some fun with it! Encourage followers to leave a GIF of something. For example, “Leave a GIF to describe your Monday!”

Post 27: Be thankful!

  • Give a shout-out to someone behind the scenes or a customer that should get praise for being awesome.

Post 28: Feature a testimonial

  • You don’t have to be the one to brag about your business. Show others that your brand and product speak for themselves because they’ve been tried and tested by others.

Post 29: Share a statistic associated with your business or industry

  • Numbers and data can be powerful and eye-opening. Take the time to share a quick statistic about what’s going on in your industry.

Post 30: Post an animal photo

  • This one is simple. Let's just get this straight. Cute animals and cute kids always win on social media!

A few tips to bring this together! At NWA Brand, we prepare our calendars ahead of time in order to get a high-level view of the strategy, but we also leave room for personal interactions like on-the-spot posts from an event. We recommend that you try doing the same. Create a calendar and outline the date, time, copy, and content of the posts you want to do! Be sure to re-evaluate and set new goals and the end of each campaign! Have a post idea to add to the list? Let us know! Comment below!

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