4 Social Media Content Tips During COVID-19

Social Media

As priorities for most Americans have shifted, so has social media content. If the landscape has left you second-guessing your content, we have general advice, as well as specific pointers for Facebook and Instagram engagement during difficult times.

Social Media Advice

  1. Continue posting - not only will your business be viewed as consistent and stable, but you’ll have the opportunity to foster connections with your audience and customers. In times of uncertainty, consumers find it comforting to know that the voices behind their favorite products and services never go silent for long. If you are having difficulty coming up with ideas on what to post, especially now when we are all stretched to our limits, check out our blog here which offers 6 categories of social media content, post ideas for each category, and how they can add value to your audience.
  2. Consider your tone of voice - be sensitive to the hardships of job losses, personal struggles, and difficult scenarios that families and fellow businesses are facing. Brands will be scrutinized not only for their seamless return to “business as usual,” but also their ability to foster a sense of community despite hardship. Humility and empathy go a long way -- make sure you’re noticed for the right reasons!
  3. Remain relatable - Perfectly curated profiles can leave viewers feeling bad about themselves. It’s a tactic known to backfire when disengaging (unfollowing) feels necessary for self-preservation. Instead, connect with your audience by illustrating that you’re just as deep in the trenches as they are. Be candid about the fact that you’re not only a hard-working business owner, but now also a full-time teacher and short-order cook, not to mention caregiver to elderly parents and proud spouse of a frontline essential worker. There’s strength in knowing we’re all in this together.
  4. Sell your goods online - If at all possible, use social media to sell your products. If you’re in the service industry, get creative -- you can’t provide a virtual haircut, but you can promote salon products for curbside pickup or mail delivery. Piggyback on promotions with fresh tutorials featuring trendy styling tips! While you don’t want to push sales in every post, clients do appreciate unique ideas on how to continue to support local commerce.  


Here are some tips for what types of Facebook posts to utilize during this time:

  • More information-focused posts
  • Show how you’re helping in your community, or tell your audience how to help
  • Educate your audience on how you’re handling Covid-19 within your business model
  • Consider sharing information from local officials regarding Covid-19 (just make sure it’s from a reliable source)
  • Continue to post about sales/your products and services (just don’t bombard your audience with those posts, especially if you sell a luxury product)
  • Utilize tools like Facebook Live and Stories for authentic communication with your audience designed to connect and grow relationships


We also have some tips for Instagram that you can put to use right now:

  • More casual content
  • High-quality images (nothing cheesy or fake) -- think about your shot, frame it well, and take the time to do some photo editing/filtering
  • Post about your personal life when it feels organic --maybe after lunch in your backyard juggling kid supervision and the afternoon workload #SunshineBestTime
  • Post about working from home or how your business has adapted for Covid-19 -- a photo of your cluttered desk at home with ambitions of organization? #DoesItSparkJoy? #MarieKondo
  • Post about your pets! People love animals, and if your dog helps you work by snuggling while you return calls, or your cat sprawls on the keyboard creating a long string of garbled text, your followers will be amused. It adds much needed levity to this serious time. Don’t have a pet? Paint a rock and provide creative updates.
  • Post about sales and goods/services you’re continuing during this time. People want to support local businesses -- give them a reason to support you.
  • Use IG TV and Stories to connect with your audience using photos and videos to build an authentic connection

Last, but maybe most importantly - share some positivity. We all could use it!

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