7 Keys to Branding Consistency


Marketing consistency can be challenging.

There are so many options. Comparable to standing in the aisle at Wal-Mart starring at 10 different brands of yogurt trying to decide which one to throw into your cart. You're considering nutritional value, cost, flavors, and every other little detail. Like your business, just because you like the appearance of a graphic does not mean it is ideal for you! We see it all of the time. As a new business, we have been there ourselves. You find an image or composition that you just love... so you use it. It proves to be everything but clean, clear or productive towards your business goals. Our team works with you the develop a brand personality that suits your business.

We offer a service called a branding profile. NWA Brand supports businesses in creatively gaining a consistent look across all facets of marketing. We operate on transparency and love an opportunity to share tips and tricks with other businesses. We've included a list of a few of the aspects that we nail down in developing a brand.

Here are 7 key factors we develop when cultivating a brand's personality:

  1. Typography - The fonts and families that best illustrate your businesses, right down to the kerning.
  2. Colors -We will write down the color mode and the fine details of CMYK and RGB configuration.
  3. Terminology - What verbiage properly depicts your business personality?
  4. Statements - The mission statement, value statements, and slogans - or should you even have one?
  5. Foundation collateral - Often times it sets the tone for much larger projects. We have found it valuable to have a business card and letterhead to start with and add-ons from there.
  6. Ideal Client Profile - We set up detailed profiles so that when we are constructing marketing campaigns, the client's habits and interests can be kept forefront. NWA Brand has found it to be effective in optimizing spending.
  7. Logo utilization - Conversion of colors and sizes.

NWA Brand is here to help you develop your marketing foundation so that you can focus on choosing the best yogurt. Our office is in Bentonville, AR, but we serve Rogers, Fayetteville, Springdale and surrounding areas. Give us a call if you hit creators block while putting together your branding profile.

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