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At Brand Catalyst Company we strive to offer comprehensive marketing services. When our team designs, develops, and launches a website for your business - the support doesn’t end there. With each new website, we provide clients with the option to secure their own host and maintain their website or host their site on our secure server. 

If hosted with us, our clients receive the access level to their website that they are most comfortable with. For example, someone with Wordpress or Webflow building experience might be comfortable with admin permissions while someone with less experience prefer a modified form of access such as subscriber. 

When hosting your website with Brand Catalyst Company clients receive:

· Free Content Delivery Network which increases website load times

· Enhanced security protecting your website from hackers and malicious code

· Out-of-the-box Site Caching that keeps your site up to date and running smoothly

· Daily site backups to ensure a full recovery in the event of a website issue

· Monthly website check in to make sure your site is functioning and performing properly

· 30 minutes of monthly website edits (time does not accrue)

We offer this premium website hosting service for $45 per month.

Whether you have an existing website that you’d like for us to maintain or a current client extending your hosting services, you can count on Brand Catalyst to provide quality site support.

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