Facebook Business or Facebook Personal?

Social Media

Whether to promote your business with a Facebook Business page or Facebook personal page can be a challenging decision.

Solopreneurs and self-employed are often riddled with the pressing decision of whether to promote their endeavor on Facebook personal or to create a Facebook business page. The answer to the question will depend largely on the person's brand. It will also depend on how much their personal brand will tie into the business brand. This is absolutely the number one consideration.

Under this umbrella, we have to look at a number of sub-factors.
  1. By using your personal networking, you get zero opportunity to run ads and expand your reach. Facebook business pages allow users a number of opportunities to build relationships outside of their personal network. Scaling a business will be extremely challenging only using the personal option.
  2. When only using their personal page, users must also consider how much they want to share on social media. If you decide to only use your personal, consider how comfortable you are with your clients seeing the details of your personal life.
  3. By only using the personal option, users will not have access to useful analytics provided by business pages.
  4. By using a business page, you must commit to consistency to drive results. Creating a page in itself is useful so that your page name is secured but if it sits inactive, results will be few.
  5. Using a business page doesn't have to mean you must stop using your personal profile. There are copious ways to cross reference the two to create a powerful yet personal brand message!
  6. Utilizing a business page will improve SEO. When someone interested in a business type, in the business name, or maybe a keyword pertaining to the business (that is used in a particular post), the chances of their page showing up increases.

Some choose to only solicit on their personal page because of the most recent Facebook algorithm. We have written an article to clarify some of the changes.

What about a Facebook Group?

This question comes across regularly.  A Facebook group should be created to allow an opportunity for people with a common interest or purpose to come together. A group is best used when meaningful dialogue will take place among group members.  We often see boutiques using groups - many of whom are very successful! But it is important to keep in mind that users may opt out of notifications if the group is causing "too many" notifications and therefore the products will no longer be viewed. Users also experience a similar set back as those only using a personal profile such as analytics and inability to run an ad campaign.Regardless of your decision, it should be approached with strategy and thoughtfulness! We encourage users to make choices that reflect your business brand, allow optimal results, and most appeal to your customers!

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