How to Generate More Authentic Content 

Social Media

How to Generate More Authentic Content 

(When Less Seems to Be Happening)

Perhaps you’ve noticed a shift lately towards less curated and more authentic content on social media. If you’ve been noticing that more authentic content is out-performing curated posts and you want to make that shift for your own business, you’re not alone. You’re also not alone if you’re not entirely sure how to do that, which is why we felt a blog post on this topic was so important right now!

90% of consumers say authenticity is important when choosing the brands they like and support. In a season where less in-person interaction seems to be happening and we’re all moving in what feels like slow motion, it can be challenging to create and share that authentic content. While many companies used to get their authentic content from events, sponsorships, and real smiling faces in the office - that’s obviously now shifted to working from home, smiles covered by masks, and businesses having to change the topics they post about. No wonder it’s more difficult to come up with content now, let alone making sure it’s authentic! But here are a few ideas we’ve been seeing or have started incorporating in both our and our clients’s campaigns that we thought might give you a little inspiration:

  1. Get opinions - repainting while the office is a little less crowded? Let your social media following weigh in on which color to select. 
  2. Storytelling - creative writing has become a particularly powerful tool lately. With social media users spending more time on platforms, they are more likely to linger over longer written or visual content, so experiment with those long paragraph captions you’ve always wanted to try! 
  3. DIY or How-To Videos - 2020 = the year of do-it-yourself! One Houston-based bread company taught people how to make their bread from home... You mean they gave away all of the trade secrets for their famous bread and still came out ahead? Yes! That’s exactly what we’re saying! Why? Most people won’t always have the time to make homemade bread, especially when the pandemic is finally over and we return to our normal routines, but they did provide value in their content through entertainment and teaching. Customers are loyal to brands that provide value, even if that value looks different and changes over time.
  4. User-Generated Content - this one is a great tool because not only is it authentic by nature, you also don’t have to come up with all of the content on your own! Creating a brand engagement structure or influencer program might just be one of the most valuable things you can do this year for your social media campaign. Provide an excellent experience or product to your customers then make the door open for cross sharing. 
  5. Throwbacks - these aren’t just for Thursdays. For companies with longevity, it especially makes sense to spend some time reflecting. Tell the story through old visuals. Compare ‘then’ and ‘nows.’ Hold old trivias about ‘the way things used to be.’ 
  6. Support a cause - from food banks to foster children, many nonprofits are experiencing an influx of need for their services this year, but not necessarily an increase in support. Partnering with a nonprofit can be a smart, creative way to leverage following, receive tax advantages, and also support a worthy cause by helping those truly in need in your community. 
  7. Life milestones of customers or employees - we believe there is always something to celebrate! Highlighting your employees or customer’s milestones is a great way to create connection through celebrating together 
  8. Share the struggle - in June of 2020, 40% of adults reported struggling with mental health or substance abuse. Meanwhile, social media paints a picture of perfection. Often this isolates the reality of situations and can make brands feel unrelatable. The message that consumers need to hear is beyond purchasing items but resonating and building relationships through being on common ground. What are your customers or clients struggling with? Can you relate? With careful messaging, that is still positive-oriented and not made to sound overly complaint-like, a company might make someone feel less alone. Talk about an opportunity for brand loyalty! 

These are just a few examples we’ve seen lately or that we’ve incorporated into our own campaigns, but as long as it’s authentic and lifts others up, the sky is really the limit with content! As humans, we need connection. In a season when everyone is having a hard time connecting, this is the perfect opportunity to look inside, find the message, causes, and passions you really care about and put it out there. You just might find new customers who have been craving and searching for the message you have to share!

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