How to get the most out of Facebook Live Video

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Live Video Can be Intimidating

A live video can be intimidating but avoiding it does nothing good for your business, followers, or clients. Marketers anticipate that years from now, we may see Live Videos for business costing just to use the tool. Why not take advantage of its effectiveness while it's still free?

  1. Make it sound like you are having a party. You wouldn't throw a party without sending an invitation. That's exactly what we want to encourage you to do. Invite your Facebook fans to "join the party." Choose a date and a time that best fits the activity of your followers. Be sure to remind them about your video [party]. You could even create an event around it so that followers will get notifications when you remind them. Encourage them to put it on their calendar!  How you plan the party is up to you, but it needs to be compelling enough for people to want to attend. 
  2. Party with a purpose. Your live video should bring value to viewers. Unless you're a fitness coach or something related, viewers don't care what you ate for breakfast. The topic should be pre-determined and should answer a question, provide information, or teach something relevant.
  3. Be relevant. The live video should be relevant to your industry. For example, NWA Brand will never post fitness tips. Page fans and followers have engaged in your page because of your business - your why, what and how - it's important to share relevant content so that you are viewed as an expert in your industry. This also comes with knowing your client well and being able to empathize with what brings them value.
  4. Have a plan.  We suggest to at least have an outline to discretely follow along or have memorized so that you stay on track and have a well-thought out video.  While some live  videos of events can be successful, the viewer will likely not watch a bunch of people milling around at a Farmers Market on Saturday morning. But a video featuring a local vegetable grower talking about how they care for their garden would bring value, provide information and promote the grower. Having a plan, will keep you feeling confident and allow you to start and finish strong.
  5. Be SOCIAL. Businesses often focus their campaigns so much on  the social aspect to SOCIAL media. Throughout the video, we encourage you to converse with viewers. Maybe add "leave thumbs up emoji in the comments if you agree." Prompts such as encouraging comments is two-fold in it's purpose. It makes viewers feel prioritized and like their opinion matter. Comments are the number one signal for increasing a post's visibility. 
  6. Caption is Critical. After the live video is finished, it will be posted to your newsfeed. It's critical that the caption serves as a title and also brings viewers in to want to watch it.

Live videos may put you in a vulnerable position to make mistakes but it provides an incredible opportunity to connect, be genuine, and improve trust. After all, your goal with your Facebook business page should be to inspire fans to know, like, and trust you. But that's a blog post for another day.

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