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Before we dive into ways to grow your page following, it's important to understand why growing your audience is important.The success of a page is not determined by how many likes. It can be determined by how many likes or follows are from your ideal audience that you can connect with. Your campaigns are more likely to be unsuccessful if you're following does not include your ideal audience. Growing the following of your ideal audience is important. It increases the likelihood that someone will see your posts. It creates top of mind awareness for a group of people. And growing your audience allows you to better track ROI, demographics and reporting for your page.

If you have a goal of growing your page following, here are five ways to do that!

  1. Review Your Page Insights. Before creating ads, review your current audience. It is a reflection of your ideal client? Are they interacting with your content? Assess your initiatives to ensure it will bring you value.
  2. Boost post and invite to like. You may or may not have noticed. On Facebook, you can click the reactions on a post and then simply go down the list and "invite" each person who reacted to your post to like your page.
  3. Create an ad. Social platforms are increasingly pushing their ads options. Creating an ad allows you to be a part of the "game." When you create your first likes campaign, we suggest to try A/B testing to see what types of ads your ideal audience best responds to.
  4. Just ask! Many of your existing friends on platforms want to support your business but may not know how to. Share your page and explain to them why their support is important to you. When you attend meetings or events, invite people to like your page and incentive them with great content.
  5. Email Campaign Invitation. If you already have a regular email campaign, include a "like" button and again, consider just asking them!
  6. Create Great Content. Create content that matters to your audience. It should be entertaining, informational and occasionally include an ask. Bringing your audience value is key to a successful campaign.

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