How We Develop Custom Websites for the Biggest Impact


We believe that every company and initiative deserves marketing collateral (both traditional and digital) that is dynamic and unique to their brand and messages. We also believe that these pieces should be set up to work to meet goals specific to the business or industry. That’s why no matter which service we are providing, we always begin with a discovery meeting

We get to know your objectives, KPIs, and define what success looks like for your company. Whether it’s a social media campaign to increase sales or new website build to improve your digital presence - we first begin by determining if we can truly drive the results you are looking for and if we have the capability to over deliver. It’s important to us to take on projects that are in line with our values and that we are confident in the end result. 

After the discovery phase, we make the process of creating a branded, beautiful website easy for you and your team. While our team is hard at work, the only thing you’ll have to do is periodically provide feedback. You can kick back and sip your coffee while getting back to the tasks you actually specialize in to drive your business forward. While you focus where you need to the most, we kick off the design and development process on our end, which comprises three steps.

  1. Design - Our designer will build out brand elements and a home page wire frame based on copy (inside language for written messaging) so that you can approve the look and feel of the website. Our team’s experts are committed to ensuring consistency of your brand across all platforms, including your website, so that your brand can be presented in a memorable way that will improve brand recall.

  1. Develop - This phase is where the technical stuff happens. We use a mobile-first approach to ensure that your site is ready to perform on any device. We plan each page with an attractive layout, on-brand imagery, and fresh features applicable to growing your business.

Our developer makes the vision and concepts come to life on a test domain. After internal review and proofing, we send it to you for review and approval. We’ll ask to schedule a review session so that we can walk you through the site in order to note your feedback and requested revisions. We make the adjustments in a timely fashion because we know you’ll be excited to start showing off your new site. And while we offer as many revision rounds as you like, we’ve found that we have yet to need more than two with our clients.

  1. Launch - Our team coordinates a time for the launch of your fresh new site! This also includes having our website developer ensure minimal downtime if transfers of domains, site migrations or email servers need to be adjusted in the process. After launch, your website is ready to communicate your brand message and ultimately gain new leads, customers, clients or whatever it is you need to grow your business!

We work hard so that the process of aligning your brand across all platforms is straightforward and clear for our clients. 

If your company is in need of a digital presence upgrade, you can read more of our website-related blog posts Why Website Content Matters or Posting Website Content for the Biggest Impact, or contact us today by clicking HERE!

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