NWA Brand Becomes Brand Catalyst


Dear Partners and Friends,

When I started NWA Brand in 2016, I was committed to providing personalized, transparent marketing solutions to my clients. At the time, I was working with a handful of wonderful, local businesses located in Northwest Arkansas, so athe name that focused on the region made perfect sense! That same commitment remains but with a new view and new capabilities. 

Today, thanks to our exceptional clients, supporters, and team, our family now includes brands from all over the state and across the country. We are so fortunate to partner with such a diverse group of passionate people. That’s why it’s time to take up a name that better encompasses the inclusivity and capability of our business — Brand Catalyst Company.

In chemistry, a catalyst increases the rate of a chemical reaction and serves to help the primary components in that reaction reach their full potential. This is what we do every day.

We are incredibly excited for this next season . Moving forward, our goal is to continue expanding our team, our abilities, and growing the brands that we work with. We remain devoted to our values  

Thanks for growing with us, 

Kelsey Smith 


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