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Ever wonder why you keep seeing ads on your Facebook newsfeed for the same company over and over after recently visiting their website or putting something into your cart but not checking out? It’s most likely because of the dynamic capabilities of a Facebook Pixel

A Facebook pixel is an asset to your marketing campaign that every business should implement if you are using paid advertising on Facebook. ¹The Facebook pixel brings value to your business in the following ways:

  1. It ensures that your ads are being shown to the right people at the right time. 
  2. Gives you advanced reporting capabilities of current campaigns you can use to fuel future campaigns. 
  3. Helps you drive more sales through automatic bidding and dynamic capabilities.


The pixel is a piece of website code that monitors user’s activity on your website, as well as, information about the user based on their Facebook profile. Things like buttons clicked, pages visited, time they spend on your website, demographic information and many other details. That information is then organized into metrics and sent to Ads Reporting for analysis.  

Having a Facebook pixel on your website also allows you to build and segment audiences based on their activity within your website. You can then serve these audiences down-funnel ads on Facebook asking them to make a conversion that is valuable to your business objectives (make a purchase, subscribe to your email list, etc.). 

The Facebook pixel also gives advertisers access to dynamic capabilities. These capabilities are especially important to ecommerce companies looking to grow sales online. After the pixel is installed and a catalog of products is created, create a Catalog Sales campaign in Ads Manager with objectives, audiences, and copy, and the pixel does the dynamic targeting.  

It will automatically find high-value users to show your ads to based on their activity within your website, as well as, other similar websites (including your competitors!). It can also retarget users who exited the page from their shopping cart without completing the purchase step.

Advanced Reporting

One of the most valuable aspects of the pixel are the advanced reporting capabilities available. You track the performance of your paid Facebook ad campaigns and all website traffic activity. If you are familiar with Google Analytics, Facebook fundamentally is very similar but is much less sophisticated and complex.

As stated earlier, the Facebook pixel gives you the ability to measure exactly how effective your Facebook ads are performing and who your most valuable customers are. Using this information allows you to gain insights that help fuel future campaigns that reach the conversions and goals that are most likely to grow your business.

No matter what industry you serve or service you offer, if you are spending money on Facebook advertising, you NEED to be utilizing the Facebook pixel. We get it, this side of social media marketing can be overwhelming and technical.  If it makes you want to look for ways to avoid it - you don’t have to!

Let us help you start putting the power of the Facebook pixel work for your business. Click here to fill out our website form and let’s get started!

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