Social Media Do's & Don'ts

Social Media

Social Media Marketing can be daunting. Failing to properly manage your social media platforms can lead to social media destruction. Maybe that's an exaggeration but seriously, knowledgeably finding a balance is critical. Here are a few do's and don'ts to assist you engaging on your business social media page.

Social Media Do's

  • Know your customers. Being in tune with the people who engage with your posts is crucial. Your consumers care more about what you have to offer them than you yourself. Be aware of their general routines. Are they on their social platforms at lunchtime or late at night? I like to create a sample ideal client and define what their day looks like, their interests and other habit details.
  • Be active. It's important to be present, active, and engaged; but there is definitely a line to be drawn. If you over-post, people will become less responsive.
  • Be clear. Make sure your posts are clear and consistent. Lengthy posts get overlooked and complex messages won't be retained.
  • Have personality. You want to have an engaging voice when interacting and posting. Being overly formal or dull can cause you to lose followers.
  • Comment. Many businesses make the mistake of expecting potential consumers to interact with their posts but fail to interact back! Let people connect with you by responding to their posts. Especially, thank people when they share posts or leave a positive revies.
  • Issue responses for negative cases. Eventually, you'll get a negative review or comment. How you handle it is everything. Ignoring it can be far worse than responding but incorrectly responding can be far worse than not. Confusing enough? Basically, put together a professional response so that other consumers can see that you genuinely care about their experience and leave it at that.

Social Media Don'ts

  • Argue with customers/ engagers. They are always right. Trust us. You have our permission to issue a thoughtfully orchestrated response but don't provoke more discussion or display unprofessional content. The more you "comment" the more attention is brought to the feed and sometimes it's not the positive kind of attention.
  • Like your own posts. That's plain self-centered and tacky. No one appreciates it.
  • Don't be spam people. One time, I [Kelsey here] liked someone's weight loss photo and in turn, they messaged me asking if I was interested in their product. Negative. I literally refuse to like their posts now to avoid getting an awkward PM. Don't be that person.
  • Neglect your profiles. If you have set up your profile, make a list, a commitment, and a schedule and stick to it!  Not following through makes you appear unreliable.

Hope this helps & happy posting, friends.

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