Website Flow


Website Flow

Website flow is critical to conversions and leads.

Imagine... you are invited to a party. It looks like it’s going to be a huge gala. The invitation is on heavy parchment paper with a gilded script. The envelope is made from parchment as well, with an honest to goodness wax seal. You expect this event is going to be a big deal.The night of the party comes. Dressed to the nines, you pull up to the venue in your rented limo with expectations of paparazzi only to step out and find you’ve arrived at a rundown hotel across from the 7-11. You are shocked, to say the least. You’re having second thoughts, but you’re already here. So, you decide to give it a try.You walk around a bit trying to find someone. Did you misread the invitation? That must be it. You double check. Nope. It’s the right place. You flip over the paper. On the back, is the room number. Okay. This is starting to feel frustrating. Why couldn’t the room number have been on the front of the invitation? Who puts important information on the back of an invitation? Room 42.Okay. You ask the person behind the desk how you get to room 42?  He proceeds to tell you about all the party that is going on right now in Room 42. Yes, you know about the party in Room 42. That’s why you’re here. Then, he asks you if you need a dress for the party. Rude. He tries to get you to buy some shoes for the party. Also, rude. You just want to go to the party you were invited to attend. He is, decidedly, not helpful. You walk away feeling frustrated.You decide to try to find it yourself. After trying a few doors, you realize there is no logic to the numbers on the door. 42. That’s after 41. You look for numbers on the doors. There are none. There is no logic. Okay. That’s it. You’re done. You tried. You call your driver, and you ask him to take you to the party that your friends are attending.

Just like this very long-winded example demonstrates. If you want someone to enjoy your website. It needs to look nice. It needs to run smoothly and intuitively. You have a fantastic product that you worked hard on. A dysfuntional website will cause lead losses.

How do we ensure your website flows well?

  1. When we design your website, our team starts with the end goal in mind. The end goal is what we want the user to have accomplished or gained before leaving your site.
  2. We set up clear steps that help your user understand where they are going and how they are going to reach that end goal.
  3. Our web team aims to provide immediate feedback to your site visitors. This helps to ensure their confidence in navigating your site. If the user fills out a form or navigates from one page to another, they should have a clear understanding of what is happening.
  4. The architecture of the site is critical, especially to the return user. The navigation layout and design are created based on your ideal visitor's profile/ persona. We make the user experience smooth for anyone visiting your site.
  5. Lastly, we ensure that there is just the right amount of animation. Clutter, too many animations, and surprises may be disruptive. Online, people do not respond well to surprises (if the site visitor thinks... “now what?”, “how do I…” or “what’s that?” your conversion rate plummets).  " Take out or improve anything that might cause friction. Less is more: remove visual and navigational noise that might seem like clutter to users.”
“When the smooth path is interrupted, or something doesn’t seem to fit, users notice and the flow is broken, which means that the experience is also momentarily broken. These small episodes of friction are cumulative. Unfortunately, the breaks in flow weigh more heavily on the experience than the positive, frictionless moments. Experimenting and testing are key to getting it right.

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