Why Use Facebook Business Manager

Social Media

Earlier this week I gave a presentation. I started by asking the question, "How many of you have ever heard of Facebook Business Manager?" No hands went up. Have you heard of Facebook Business Manager? Maybe you have but are not sure if it is beneficial to your business.

Facebook Business Manager might be a social media solution for your business if more than one of the following descriptions applies to you and your business.

  • One indication that Facebook Business Manager is to analyze the types of ads you plan to manage. If your business intends to run ads on Facebook such as lead generation, track website visits, implement pixels, or get app downloads. [Those are just a few options given with Power Editor.] You create the ads using Power Editor. However, if you are managing multiple business pages with these types of campaigns, you should consider Facebook business manager.
  • If you are easily distracted Facebook Business Manager may be a good fit. It has a separate URL and app so that when you are managing social media pages for business you are not tempted to spend time by scrolling your personal feed.
  • If you plan to manage multiple Facebook pages, it is an effective platform. It is an organized, central location for managing multiple business pages and simplifying campaign components.
  • On the other hand, if you are contracting out a social media campaign be sure to inquire about how they plan to gain access to your page.  If your agency does not discuss business manager with you, we highly recommend bringing the conversation to them.
  • Facebook Business Manager makes it easy to manage user access and contributions.
Facebook Business Manager can be difficult at times. It is not for anyone who is managing a single page or maybe two. Facebook Business Manager gives marketing professionals a competitive edge and simplifies use for companies with multiple business pages.

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