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Brand Catalyst develops dynamic, multi-layered marketing maps to guide users through a clear journey and bring measurable results to you. We create, launch and manage digital ads that compel your ideal audience to take action. Our team will ensure you get started on the right track with proper installation and maintenance of tags and pixels to allow for retargeting and concise reporting. Our holistic approach will also include making recommendations to make the most of your email lists and optimizing existing efforts. Our team is experienced in managing ads on Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Pinterest. From platform selection and designing your ads to reporting on your results, we are ready to come alongside your business.

Services Included

Past campaign performance analysis to benchmark a starting place for performance (if applicable)
Account and campaign settings audit to ensure campaigns are optimized for the appropriate actions
Bid strategy
Proper set-up and installation of Google Tags Manager and relevant platform pixels
Target audience segmentation
Keyword performance and search analysis / expansion
Target location and audience optimization
Pixel and event tagging structure and accuracy
Cross-channel reporting
Development of a comprehensive digital funnel broken down by channel
A/B testing where applicable
Graphic design formatted to exact specs for the platform includes multiple sizes
Creative and ideation for content
Regularly monitoring and maintaining ad performance

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Campaigns we've created. While we've worked on countless digital campaigns, many of them prefer not to share ROI results due to compliance or privacy standards in industries such as finance. We're working to expand this portfolio in a way that doesn't compromise client privacy.

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