Rodeo of the Ozarks Overview

Brand Catalyst has had the privilege of partnering with the Rodeo of the Ozarks since 2017. Over the years, our team has been able to refine and adjust the overall strategy to optimize the non-profit's budget. In 2021, we built a website to compliment their digital efforts and allow for a seamless fan experience.

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Paid Digital

We began promotions for the 78th Annual Rodeo of the Ozarks on April 27, 2023. We created a campaign that encompassed paid ads across digital and social platforms, as well as, organic posts while also keeping the website up to date. Our team worked to optimize spend and our media buyer focused on audience segmentation. This increase proved to be a positive, strategic move rendering great results for the rodeo. It was one of the few changes in marketing strategy yet the event saw significant increases in attendance. Ticket sales are indicative of a strong marketing strategy. The website traffic correlates well with the activity and insights from digital ads.

Meta Ads (Facebook & Instagram)
We prioritized reaching new potential rodeo-goers on these platforms instead of focusing efforts on returning rodeo fans. Our goal was to present the rodeo as local entertainment and an event for everyone. We targeted a 50 mile radius around Springdale with a more generalized audience and also did a layered strategy where we retargeted website visitors as rodeo week neared. We also did a focused effort on reaching the Spanish-speaking population and promoted the specialty act.
• People reached by ads: over 193,000
• Ads seen a total of: 895,000
Over 4,100 click to purchase a ticket
• Over 11,000 people clicked ad links and 8,900 of those visited the site as a result

Paid Digital
We ran YouTube video ads and Google Discovery for Rodeo of the Ozarks. The reason we chose these campaign types was because they primarily serve ads on the largest streaming platform on the internet - YouTube. These ads were shown to users who were in-stream watching a video, as well as in the right column of videos and on YouTube's homepage. These efforts were a strong extension of the overall strategy and greatly contributed to increases in organic search traffic.
• Over 427,000 impressions
• Average cost per click: $0.50
• 729 users clicked to purchase a ticket
• Average 9 second video view per impression

Organic Social Media

Unpaid efforts on Facebook and Instagram are comprised of a combination of pre-designed and planned posts along with real time content sharing. We work to stay involved throughout the week to ensure accuracy in promoting multiple events throughout the week that compliment the main performances.
• Facebook organic reach was over 283,000
• The median number of posts reactions was 103 which indicates a very engaged audience
• The page grew by 977 likes
• 86 messages were started with the page
• We published 71 newsfeed posts and all of the stories that went live on Instagram were also shared on Facebook
• Reached over 43,300 Instagram account holders
• 1,679 different accounts engaged with Instagram
• We published 35 newsfeed, 87 stories, and 6 reels. The reel featuring the Downtown horse drive was viewed over 24,800 times which is an incredible organic reach!

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