Stitt Solar Digital Ads

This portfolio item features a locally owned solar company who wanted to brand themselves to be recognized as the higher quality, local option. They wanted to communicate several points about their business model so we created flexible key messaging that made the client’s information concise. We wanted to give a bright, friendly vibe from these display ads. This was ran in conjunction with social media ads and search. The ads delivered for 60 days in January and February of 2021. During that time, the following results were achieved with a $500 budget:

  • Over 230,000 impressions
  • 2,440 clicks to the website
  • $.20 cost per click
  • 2 conversions

Solar is a large investment item for many families and businesses. The goal for this campaign was to raise awareness for the business but due to precision targeting we also achieved several conversions. Ultimately, the campaign achieved desired results on a limited budget. 

A laptop showing seven digital ads for Stitt Solar. The ads are a orange gradient with a headline reading 'hey neighbor' with a white button.

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